Britain’s Political Class


There is no single, electronic, publicly available dataset on parliamentary candidates/MPs; this project aims to remedy that. We collect data from publicly available sources including: newspaper articles, party/candidate websites, Twitter, Facebook, Who’s Who, blogs and others. We rely on what gets put into the public domain; if candidates don’t make information public, then it remains ‘missing’ or unobserved. We also know there are patterns to this ‘missingness’. For example, if candidates are local, they will tell you, as it is usually deemed to be an electoral asset. If they are not local, they are far less likely to make it known. We will always make clear the degree of missingness in the data.



We recommend the following citation(s):

  • vanHeerde-Hudson, J. and R. Campbell (2015). Parliamentary Candidates UK Dataset (v. 1).
  • The data used here were originally collected by Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson and Rosie Campbell with the support of the Leverhulme Trust (RPG-2013-175).



The datasets and codebooks available on this site are © Parliamentary Candidates UK 2013. The majority of data here are taken from publicly available sources; however, the original copyright of any primary source material applies to their use. Neither the funder nor the investigators bear any responsibility for secondary analysis. [/messagebox]