Roundtable on 2015: The Campaign & General Election in Review

The outcome of the 2015 general election took many, if not most, by surprise. Instead of a hung Parliament and weeks of negotiations over government formation, the UK returned to more familiar territory, single party government under David Cameron and the Conservatives. How did we get here? Join us on 3 June (18.00-19.30) to hear Britain’s leading analysts review the campaign and election. We’ll be talking about the rise of the SNP, the future of the LibDems, Labour’s prospects for 2020, what’s next for UKIP, the EU referendum, turnout, the make-up of the new Parliament, and of course, analysis of pre-election polls and forecasts.



Dr Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck)

The political class of 2015

Professor Justin Fisher (Brunel)

The 2015 campaign and future for the parties

Professor Matthew Goodwin (Kent)

Breakthrough moment or false dawn? UKIP’s performance

Dr Ben Lauderdale (LSE)

Evaluating expectations about the 2015 general election

Joe Twyman (YouGov)

Gonna party like it’s 1992: Will murder your children Joe Twyman



Dr Jennifer Hudson (UCL)


3 June 2015 6.00-7.30pm

Archaeology Lecture Theatre

31-34 Gordon Square | UCL | WC1H

To attend, sign up here.

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